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Desi dogs/Indian dogs/mongrel/stray by whatever name you call them,they are one of the best breed of dogs..below are the reasons you should adopt an Indian breed or stray.

  • Indian breeds are very smart and can be trained properly and easily.

  • Low maintenance breed with good immunity power.

  • Small housing space required.

  • Adapt to the environment very easily and make great family dog.

  • Amazing with kids and completely harmless.

  • Also great in terms of guarding houses.

Below are some Indian breed you can adopt ..

Indian Pariah Dogs are one of the oldest in the world,found throughout the Indian subcontinent. The pariah dog breed is very social dog,extremely alert watch dogs and highly intelligent.

Rajapalayam is an Indian Sighthound and purest breed of Indian hunting dogs, used predominantly for hunting wild boar. Rajapalayam is a large milk white colour dog, native to town of Rajapalayam Tamil Nadu.

Mudhol Hound breed of dogs are used for hunting and guarding in and around Mudhol town of Karnataka. The Mudhol Hound breed is also known as Caravan Hound and In the villages he is known as the Karwani.

The Spitz is a small size dog breed and looks like Pomeranian dog. Indian Spitz is one of the most popular

dogs in India, an extremely bright and active breed of dog.

Kanni dog breed was used mainly for hunting found in the state of Tamil Nadu. The Kanni is one of the rare South Indian dog breed famous as extremely faithful and always defend its home and master.

Pandikona are hunting dog found in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh state. The Pandikona are used for guarding,Hunting and very faithful and good with children.

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